Increase and enhance your School Sport offer with a PE Apprentice!

A PE Apprentice can impact all 5 key indicators of the Sport Premium

Apprentice Levy

  • Trusted local training provider
  • Embedded within PE and School Sport
  • Proven track record – 86% of HT’s rated our service as excellent (14% very good)
  • Potential 2 year programme where young person is trained to TA level.

Sport Premium

  • Increase engagement and achievement in PE
  • Increase physical activity levels in your school
  • Raise the profile of PE and School Sport
  • Increase intra and inter School competitions
  • Provide a young role model to inspire your pupils to be active

How it works

Apprentices work 4 days a week in School and 1 day a week they undergo training to complete their qualification. Additional training is given in the delivery of PE and School Sport to compliment the NVQ.


You pay the apprentice’s wage which is currently:

  • Level 2 Apprentice – £5772
  • Level 3 Apprentice – £5772 – £9204*

*dependent on age (up to 20)

You will pay the training provider via the Apprentice Levy:

  • Level 2 – £2500
  • Level 3 – £3000

The Role an Apprentice can take in School:

  • Supporting within PE throughout the school day
  • Running lunchtime activities – active playgrounds
  • Supporting after school clubs
  • Supporting with preparation of teams for competitions/Festivals
  • Supporting with administration with subject leader in primary/secondary
  • Display boards
  • Organising PE cupboards
  • Taking small cohorts of challenging groups to keep active
  • Running Change for Life Clubs.
  • In the classroom – supporting within lessons, paired reading

“Attendance and academic achievement have improved as all pupils are motivated to attend and complete work thoroughly in order to take part in exciting new sporting opportunities” – HTprimary/secondary