Young Competition Organiser Training

This term we have attended both Wyvern Academy – Year 8 Students and Haughton Academy – Year 7 Students to deliver the Young Competition Organiser Training . The outline of the training focused on what a successful competition looks like and different competition formats which can be used. The students put together what they learnt and delivered some activities in small groups using the SMILES and STEP principles before finishing off with an Action Plan. The training was a great success and the children went away full of ideas to implement in school.

Secondary Leadership Academy

On Monday 16th November 2020 and Monday 14th December we held our Secondary Leadership Academy Training at Wyvern Academy with Year 8 Pupils and Haughton Academy with Year 9 Pupils. This consisted of some classroom based tasks and some practical delivery. The classroom activities consisted of; looking at the background of Leadership, the School Games and what makes a good leader, Learning to fail – learning that failing is fine and this helps us to learn from these experiences, Promoting ownership and looking at taking responsibility plus Growth Mindset and how these can help build on our Skills and Qualities. The Leaders completed their own Leadership Pizza which looked at the different skills which they thought were most important to them and ones that they want to build on over the course of their leadership journey. For the practical side the Leaders paired up and worked together to deliver a chosen activity to the rest of group, they had to think about how the activity will be set up, scoring, demonstrating and giving encouragement. The leaders were fantastic and all demonstrated good leadership skills, they encouraged each other and took positive points from each activity. Overall both days were a success, the Leaders all felt their Leadership Skills have improved and look forward to putting their Skills into action in the near future.

Leadership 2019-2020

During this academic year we had Carmel College, Wyvern Academy, Hurworth Secondary, Longfield Academy, St Aidan’s, Education Village and Polam Hall Secondary all take part in our Leadership Academy. Throughout the year pupils took part in Leadership Training and then assisted with our events which included scoring, timing, demonstrating, marshalling, setting up and clearing away and leading activities. We are grateful for the support we receive from our Young Leaders as without these some of our events would be unable to take place. We have had over 200 Young Leaders this year who have all gained a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, we are proud of their achievement and look forward to future events with them.

Carmel College: Bronze Awards – 22. Silver Awards – 2.

Wyvern Academy: Bronze Awards – 10. Silver Awards – 42. Gold Award – 1.

Hurworth Secondary: Bronze Awards – 34. Silver Awards – 4.

Longfield Academy: Bronze Awards – 4. Silver Awards – 5. Gold Awards – 7.

St Aidan’s: Bronze Awards – 21.

Education Village: Bronze Awards – 20.

Polam Hall Secondary: Bronze Awards – 50.

Leadership Training

On Friday 31st January we held our Secondary Leadership Day at the Dolphin Centre. We had Young Leaders from Carmel College, Wyvern Academy, Haughton Academy and Polam Hall School who took part in 4 workshops on the morning, these were based on Role of the Sports Leader, Competition Formats and Scoring, Officiating and Controlling a Game and Adapting Activities. On the afternoon the 4 schools attending plus Longfield Academy all focused on a Specific Sport; Longfield – Table Tennis, Carmel College – Cricket, Haughton Academy – Boccia and Polam Hall – Change for Life. Wyvern Academy and Carmel College also received some training previously focusing on Tennis and Aquatics. It was a very enjoyable day for the leaders, they were all engaged, all gained good knowledge and all now feel more confident to lead at events, we are very excited to have them at our future events. Special thanks goes to all 5 Schools plus Darlington School Sport Partnership, Emma Turnbull – Stockton School Game Organiser, Aimee Dunnabie – Move More Team, Oliver King – Durham Cricket Board, David Noutch – Darlington Dolphins, Dave Bullen – Durham School Aquatic Development Manager and Claire Smith – Lawn Tennis Association who all delivered and helped make the day a great success.