2023 – 2024

Through out the year we will be offering different Leadership Training for children and young people. Children in Year 4 can start their Leadership journey which provides a pathway all the way through to Secondary School. As an organisation we believe passionately in the development of young people as leaders, both for their personal development as well as the positive impact they have on the young people they are leading. The Young Leaders we train are an invaluable asset to us, they are a great help and support at many of our events.

More details to follow on our Leadership Training for 2023-2024.


This is what we offered last year:

Playground Pals Leadership Training – Year 4 Children – Summer Term.

Change for Life Champion and Mentor Training – Year 5 and 6 Children and School Staff – Autumn 2.

Primary Playmakers Award – Year 5 and 6 Children – Autumn 1.

Secondary I can Lead Award – Year 7 and 8 Children – Autumn Terms.

Playground Pals Leadership Training:

We held our Playground Pals Leadership Training at Eastbourne Sports Complex with Northwood, Corporation Road, Red Hall, Springfield Academy and Heighington School. The children learned about the skills of a Good and Bad Leader and had the chance to practice and deliver activities to the rest of the group. This programme is aimed at Year 4 Children to prepare them for September when they will be in Year 5 and can ‘hit the ground running’ to deliver playground activities as part of the Active 60 Minutes everyday for their School.

Primary Playmakers Leadership Training:

We held 2 Playmaker Training days with Reid Street, St George’s Academy, Harrowgate Hill, Mowden, Red Hall and West Park Academy where the children learnt about PACE – Participants, Area, Communcation and Equipment along with developing their Leadership Skills. The Playmakers Award does not consider a learners sporting ability but instead helps them develop leadership skills which they can use to lead others in sports activities. Playmakers that complete the Award must be able to communicate effectively, be organised, take responsibility and work with other people; all core skills which are important throughout life. Once the Leaders have learnt how to lead others they will be encouraged to use these leadership skills in a whole host of different ways; from leading their peers and younger children within Schools and their settings.

Change for Life Champion Training:

We held our Change for Life Champion Training with children from Reid Street Primary School, Northwood Primary School and Springfield Primary School. Change for Life Champions is the young leadership opportunity within the Change for Life Clubs Programme where they can be used to support with recruiting the least active children, promotion of the club, leading activities in the club, supporting peers to lead healthy active lives and be the healthy active lifestyle Ambassadors for their school. This training enables the Champions to understand the national picture of the Change for Life Champions Programme, explore their role within it and develop the skills and qualities required to perform their role effectively.

Secondary ‘I Can Lead’ Award:

The I Can Lead Award is a fun, practical and flexible course for Secondary School Young People where the learners will gain the knowledge and skills to assist in leading basic sports / activities under direct supervision. The transferable skills can be used to help young people better engage socially and within education by developing confidence and skills such as organisation and communication. I Can Lead uses sport and physical activity to help learners develop key leadership skills and the award focuses on personal development and not just sporting ability. We have worked with a group of Young People from St Aidan’s Academy, Wyvern Academy and Haughton Academy. They have all been super engaged, contributed to discussions around healthy lifestyles; planning of their own unique exercise circuits and devising Fair Play Charters. They have all supported at our events during the Autumn Term and its been great to see them growing in confidence, thinking on their feet, adapting and being creative with their plans.