Year 3&4 Tennis Finals

We held our Year 3 and 4 Tennis Finals on Thursday 13th February at Wyvern Academy, this was a great end to the week after all the clusters we had. The tennis on show was great, all the children had improved and they all really enjoyed themselves. A big thanks goes to the Wyvern Leaders who did a great job at scoring and helping with the skill sessions. The Year 3 results were: 1st place – Abbey, 2nd place – St Johns and St Augustine’s, 3rd Place – Reid Street and 4th Place – Hurworth. The Year 4 results were: 1st Place – Reid Street, 2nd Place – St Mary’s, 3rd Place – St Johns and 4th Place – Hurworth. Well Done to the Abbey Year 3 team and Reid Street Year 4 team who qualified for the Tees Valley Finals.